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Eye Exams recommended by NZ Optometrist
As a New Zealand qualified and registered Optometrist, I endorse this article as recommendation to have your child's eyes examined. 
The first 6-8 years of a child's life is the 'critical' developmental period for their visual and ocular system. Thus, by detecting and correcting a vision defect within this period, decreases the chance of the child developing amblyopia. Amblyopia refers to a loss of vision which can not be corrected with glasses and usually results from delay in correcting problems during childhood.  
In my experience, children and their parents are often unaware of a vision problem, as the child does not realise that how they see, is not normal. I find it rewarding as an eye care professional to be able to enhance a child's quality of life and learning by correcting their vision problems. 
If cost is an issue, a government subsidy exists for those with a community service care and high user health card. In my practice I offer alternate payment methods. 
Kristine Jensen, B Optom