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Wine Away to the rescue!
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wine_away_lifestyle_resized.jpgIts one thing to not cry over spilt milk, but it’s entirely different to hold back tears when a full glass of red wine leaves its mark on your carpet, best white linen table cloth or new party frock!

The painstaking task of scrubbing, blotting, soaking and bleaching is a dreaded, timely mission, as chances of getting your carpet, linen or dress back to its original colour are usually slim – until now.

Wine Away is a new revolutionary natural cleaner, which easily removes wine stains from carpet and fabric – even some older stains! Formulated with natural fruit and vegetable extracts, and without dangerous bleaches or phosphates, this fantastic product effortlessly makes red wine, cranberry juice, and other red stains disappear, leaving things looking as they should.

Directions for use on carpet: Absorb excess liquid with a cloth then simply saturate the remaining stain with Wine Away. Leave to penetrate for five minutes, and then gently blot the area and watch the stain disappear.

Directions for use on fabric: Spray Wine Away directly onto the stain, then wash the item in a washing machine as usual.

Safe to use around children and pets and comes in five handy sizes, to suit every entertaining situation.

Acrylic Economy Spray Bottle (360ml) RRP $23.00
Aluminium Spray Bottle (240ml) RRP $23.00
Purse Size Spray Bottle (60ml) RRP $16.00
Emergency Kit Aluminium Tin RRP $23.00
Single Use Sachets RRP $2.30


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