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Clean Eating – sounds good, tastes good, feels good!
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Many people have heard about “clean eating” – a healthy approach to eating that encompasses fresh ingredients, easy preparation, and maximum nutrition.  

Clean eating is not a fad diet or trend, but an approach to eating and food selection, which ultimately becomes a lifestyle choice.  It’s not a new concept, and has been popular amongst those involved in the fitness industry- competitors, personal trainers and health conscious individuals who have been practicing “clean eating” for many years.

The benefits of “clean eating” are many. Benefits include fat loss, weight loss, increased energy and motivation, clearer skin, shinier hair, better sleep and stress reduction.  When someone makes the choice to eat “clean” they are choosing to eliminate all processed foods and extra additives from their diet.  Basically you are choosing to eat whole, unrefined foods.

The basics of “Clean Eating” include:

Eating lots of fruit and vegetables and staying away from anything altered or processed.

Lean meat/poultry/seafood/legumes are definitely part of clean eating, however, “whole” meats that you have chosen straight from the butcher or prepared yourself are preferable.

Enjoy whole grains/nuts/seeds – these are grains that are still complete and haven’t been broken down in any form.

Eat fewer ingredients –try not to purchase items with more than 4-6 ingredients in the ingredients list. Less is better.

Here’s a “clean” breakfast recipe to get you started:

Egg White Omelet

I make my omelets with 1 full egg, 2 egg whites, 2-3 chopped mushrooms, a small handful of chopped spinach, spring onion and 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese (added protein) – mix all together and cook in a non stick pan.

I serve mine with salmon on top and a quarter of an avocado.

Mix up vege options – capsicum, mushrooms, spring onion, spinach, grated carrot, peas, grated broccoli, cauli, courgette.

Meat options – turkey slices, tuna, salmon, chicken.

You will start “feeling” the benefits of eating clean within 1-2 weeks and start “seeing” the results in 4-6 weeks.

Once all that has been said and done, remember that you are only human, and are allowed to have treats now and again.  If your diet is at least 70 per cent “clean”, you will be doing your body and overall health a huge favour and will definitely gain from the many benefits “clean eating” provides.

Article by Makaia Carr, Founder of Motivate Me NZ

Wife, mum, full-time career woman, founder of MotivateMe NZ - meet Makaia Carr! MotivateMe NZ is a member's only community created for like minded Kiwi women looking for positive support, encouragement and advice during their journey of living a healthier, fitter, stronger lifestyle.   

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Written by Elysha, on 20-06-2013 10:06
Hi, can you please explain to me why you would remove 2 egg yolks but then introduce salmon and avocado into the meal? 
That would defeat the purpose of removing 2 of the yolks, esp if it's in regards to the fat content in eggs. 
Eggs are regarded as a COMPLETE protein when the yolks are used. 
All natural fats are good fats - You just can't have fat on top of fat on top of fat, which is what you've done, then later on in the day have a heck load of carbohydrates... 
Portioning is the important thing when eating clean - Not removing fats...
Do it - its amazing!
Written by misskylie, on 20-06-2013 10:11
I can personally confirm that Motivate Me NZ is AMAZING! The private forum access that comes with the membership is absolutely fantastic - wide range of ladies all very supportive and motivating. Can't say enough good things, so sign up!
In response to Elysha above :)
Written by Makaia 4 Motivate Me NZ, on 24-06-2013 21:51
I use 1 whole egg in this particular recipe to benefit from the whole egg protein & fat source and the 2 extra whites to help bulk/fluff up the omelette and b) the extra whites also add extra protein c) using avocado and salmon adds variety to the meal while maintaining macro balancing of fats and protein plus I get the advantage of the added benefits salmon and avo bring to the plate (omega 3, fiber, Vitamins A,C,D and E) plus I love salmon and avo! 
I don't believe Clean Eating is about removing fats at all - I love my good, heart healthy fats! Clean Eating is also not about portioning - Clean Eating is about trying to avoid foods that have been processed or altered and have artificial preservatives, additives or colorings added to them.  
Food selections and macro (fat, protein, carbs) balances will vary depending on your goals. Some people want weight loss as their focus others want overall health (inside and out) as their priority. So depending on what you are trying to achieve your clean food options will vary.  
At the end of the day developing a Clean Eating lifestyle has nothing but benefits to EVERYONE - this is not a diet! 
I don't eat Clean 100% but try very hard to aim for a balance of 80/20 for myself and the family as a general guide.  
Want to learn more about clean eating and be surrounded by Kiwi Clean Eating women learning and challenging themselves (and their families) daily? 
Then take a look at joining

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