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How To: Look Hot in Glasses... with tips from Gok Wan
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Gok Wan's Guide to Looking Great in Glasses

“It's not just the colour of your hair that can affect your choice of glasses - the way your hair is cut and style can too.”
• SHORT GEOMETRIC STYLE: Go for angular or oval shaped frames
• SOFT AND CURLY: Choose delicate shapes, rimless frames and translucent colours
• TIGHT CURLS: Small classic styles with a frame shape that follows your brow line
• SHORT HAIR/ HAIR TIED BACK: Experiment with bold, decorative styles
• LONG HAIR: Check how different frames look with your hair loose or tied up

“Your glasses don't just perform a function; they're also a fashion accessory. Think of them as another piece of jewellery and you won't look overdressed.”
• AVOID mixing gold frames with silver jewellery and vice versa
• OPT FOR NEAT EARRINGS if you wear bold glasses
• BRIGHT COLOURED FRAMES draw attention to the eyes so try earrings in a matching colour

Gok Wan’s Top Tips for Fabulous Frames

“Lenses can sometimes make your eyes appear bigger or smaller. Using these make-up tips will help you minimise any distortion caused by your lenses.”
• SHORT SIGHTED: your eyes will appear smaller so apply bold make-up to emphasise them. Use lighter colours on the inner corners, blending into deeper, darker shades at the outer corners to add emphasis and to make your eyes look bigger. Use dark or lash-building mascara.
• LONG SIGHTED: your eyes are magnified so apply make-up sparingly and blend colours carefully. Use concealer or a slightly lighter foundation under the eyes. Dark mascara gives definition, but avoid harsh eyeliners or thick mascara - blobs and smudges will be magnified too!

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“Glasses come in many different shapes and sizes, which can considerably change how they look on your face. Frames should be no higher than the line of your eyebrows. The lower edge should not sit on your cheeks, even when you smile, and the frames should be no wider than the width of your face at the temples.”
• LONG NOSE: a low set bridge appears to shorten it
• SHORT NOSE: a high set bridge in line with the top of the frames is best
• CLOSE-SET EYES: a thin or clear bridge can add width
• WIDE-SET EYES: a coloured bridge will make wide-set eyes appear closer together.
• SQUARE FACE: oval frames are best as they soften the jaw line. Avoid thin, angular styles and those with colour emphasis on the bottom rim.
• ROUND FACE: angular or geometric styles are best as they draw attention to the top half of your face. Avoid small, round styles and large frames, which can make your face look rounder.
• OVAL FACE: oval faces look great in most styles! Be adventurous and try modern geometric shapes, which are stylish and fashionable.
• LONG FACE: go for wide frames with a strong top line. Avoid small, square shapes and instead opt for a style with all over colour.
• TRIANGULAR FACE: try bold, strong shapes to add balance to the face. Triangular faces should avoid small, narrow frames.
• HEART-SHAPED FACE: wear slender, rounded or square styles without decorative detail on the temples. Avoid styles that are wider at the top, these will reflect the face shape rather than balance it.

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